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Today’s coffee shop

Going places I’ve not been before

Asking for directions several times

Destination: pharmacy 

Waiting for opening hours at the coffee shop


A lively place

People starting their day

Antique objects everywhere 

An old cash register 

A dial phone 

An old red fridge

A scale from years ago


Checked brown and white tablecloths 

Patterned brown ad beige tiles on the ground

Red lipstick on my coffee cup

My phone by my side

My glass of water in front of me

Yellow artificial flowers in a small vase

Music in the background 

And me busy writing


Everything looks a little old

But full of character and history 

This is not a new cafe

It has been here for a while 


Two ladies walk by me

In headscarves and fancy suede shoes

A gentleman on his cellphone

People talking behind me

A European lady sitting across from me

Tomorrow I’m leaving this town

Bringing with me precious memories 


February 3rd, 2020

One cup


One cup of meditation

Along with a cup of coffee 

Drunk in a peaceful place

A place where I’m not distracted by daily responsibilities 

A place l return to regularly 

No matter how busy life gets


One cup of meditation

As addictive as coffee

Often leads to thoughts being written down

This can be a cure for my weary soul

A balm for my sensitive heart


One cup of meditation 

Along with a cup of coffee 

Consumed daily

Gives me the energy and enthusiasm 

To carry on


February 2019

My sanity!

One hour a day, I treat myself
I treat myself to a cup of coffee
In a sunny coffee shop (when the sun it out)
I treat myself to
Reading what I want
Writing what I want
Contemplating life…

I treat myself because
The rest of day
I think of my family and their needs
I think of my students and their needs
I take care of my responsibilities and my to-do list

And because I treat myself one hour a day
I’m a happier person the rest of the day!

Being selfless is good I’m sure
And I am selfless some of the day
But I need my hour that’s for me
In order to function optimally!

Giving and being there for others
Is a noble thing
But so is taking care of my sanity!

Lida Berghuis
December 4th, 2014

Play time!

Play time is necessary for creativity to thrive!
And what’s play time?
Time spent on things we want to do
Rather than things we should do!

Things that bring us pleasure
Make us laugh
Make us relax!

A walk in the park
Reading a good book
Having a cup of coffee with a friend
Some art activity we enjoy
A day at the spa
Or going for a massage
Playing cards

This kind of down-time
Energizing time
Time to nurture our inner child
Time to have fun
Time to do what we want
Is necessary if we want to produce
And be useful and helpful to others
The rest of the time

We need to recharge our batteries
In order to function well
And recharging our batteries involves
Doing activities that bring us joy and delight!

Lida Berghuis
January 9th, 2014

Coffee grounds 2

Coffee grounds

Read me my fortune
Read my coffee grounds
It’s like looking for shapes in the clouds
There are dark splatters and light ones
There is bubbly foam
Dots and lines

Symbols hiding secrets
Splatters creating interesting designs
And all that in a coffee cup
Sitting in front of me
Begging for attention
From your eyes

No, I don’t think all that you will say
Will come true but
Read me my fortune
Just the same
Just for fun!

Tell me of the adventures I’ll have
The travels to come
Tell me where I’ll go first
And who will come

Tell me that I will manage
Navigating the trials of life
Tell me sunny days will always follow
Rainy ones

Tell me the joys of life
Will wash away the sorrows that come
Tell me things that I know
But like to hear one more time!

I know what I do
The path I take
Counts for a lot
I’m not a mere observer
In my own life

Read me my fortune
Read my coffee cup
It’s right here and so are you and I

Lida Berghuis
May 28th, 2013


The place I come to relax!
To write!
To forget my to-do list!
To just sit silently
To read
To be surrounded by people and music
To sit with my face in the sun
or next to the fireplace
To empty my cup
To catch my breath
To meditate and contemplate
To drink my morning coffee
To find my balance
To have some me-time
so I can care for others
the rest of the day!

Lida Berghuis
March 26th, 2013