Coffee grounds 2

Coffee grounds

Read me my fortune
Read my coffee grounds
It’s like looking for shapes in the clouds
There are dark splatters and light ones
There is bubbly foam
Dots and lines

Symbols hiding secrets
Splatters creating interesting designs
And all that in a coffee cup
Sitting in front of me
Begging for attention
From your eyes

No, I don’t think all that you will say
Will come true but
Read me my fortune
Just the same
Just for fun!

Tell me of the adventures I’ll have
The travels to come
Tell me where I’ll go first
And who will come

Tell me that I will manage
Navigating the trials of life
Tell me sunny days will always follow
Rainy ones

Tell me the joys of life
Will wash away the sorrows that come
Tell me things that I know
But like to hear one more time!

I know what I do
The path I take
Counts for a lot
I’m not a mere observer
In my own life

Read me my fortune
Read my coffee cup
It’s right here and so are you and I

Lida Berghuis
May 28th, 2013

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