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Grey skies


The sky is grey

A low cloud cover makes one feel short of breath

The mood is somber and heavy

The time is in the past

When a tornado swept the land

And things were blown away and looted afterwards

When some men lost their place in society

And had to start all over again

A little dizzy from the fast pace of change and destruction

When the lives of youths were left in limbo

Making them wonder what to do

When boys became soldiers

And lives were lost in battle

When one’s political leaning

Could end one up in jail or worse

I wasn’t there during those times

But I’ve heard the stories now

And I wonder how I would have fared

Many of my friends stayed

And lived through the aftermath of the tsunami

There were injustices they witnessed

Some things seemed arbitrary at times

Those days were dark

Now, the sky is still grey

Sometime it’s hard to breathe

Sometimes it rains or it hails

Sometimes winds are strong and savage

And I wonder when there will be a little respite


July 10th, 2020


A poem about the 1979 revolution in Iran

Not too late

It’s never too late…

It’s never too late
To live the life we want to

When we’re young, we make decisions because
we feel we’re expected to do certain things
We don’t do other things because it goes against
the conventions of our time

When the tree is young
It can sway in the wind of do’s and don’t
As it becomes stronger
It can stand firm and tall

In mid-life, with the experience of youth
We know better who we are
What we want
What we need
What we can’t live without

This is the time to live the life we are meant to live
Do what brings us joy
Live authentically

It’s never too late…
No, the time’s just right!

Lida Berghuis
October 30th, 2015


Youth is feeling free to do what you want
Even if others say it’s impossible
Youth is leading with your heart
More than your mind

Youth is enthusiasm,
Appreciation of life
Youth is realizing that the best is yet to come

Youth is allowing yourself to be silly
And not caring about what others think
Youth is looking for answers
Trying to figure things out

Youth is optimism and
Believing you can make a difference
Youth is about not focusing on
The outer trappings of life

All of these qualities can grow with time
So, youth is not an age, it’s a state of mind!

Lida Berghuis
May 13th, 2013