We are stronger than we think we are
That thing which seems impossible can happen
The pain that seems unbearable
Can be tolerated
That sorrow that seems is here to stay
Will eventually leave
That problem which has been trying you
For so long
Will eventually be solved

All it takes is patience
All you have to do is not give up

When the goal is lofty
The path is often rocky
It’s better to expect set backs
At the start

Life is a marathon not a sprint
Said someone
We have to build up our stamina

Each defeat can teach us something
Each mistake can be a stepping stone

It takes a strong will
Not to give up at the first sign of trouble
It takes strength to leave what’s in the past
There and move on

LIfe has a way of teaching us these lessons, I’m afraid
It’s up to us
To learn from them nor not!

Lida Berghuis
May 16th, 2013

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