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The touch

The warmth of a touch

The love it communicates

The care it shows

The gentleness it conveys

The attachment it demonstrates

The warmth of a touch



Life giving


The warmth of a touch

So much tenderness

So much ardour

So healing

So blissful

The warmth of a touch



December 27th, 2021

My sanity!

One hour a day, I treat myself
I treat myself to a cup of coffee
In a sunny coffee shop (when the sun it out)
I treat myself to
Reading what I want
Writing what I want
Contemplating life…

I treat myself because
The rest of day
I think of my family and their needs
I think of my students and their needs
I take care of my responsibilities and my to-do list

And because I treat myself one hour a day
I’m a happier person the rest of the day!

Being selfless is good I’m sure
And I am selfless some of the day
But I need my hour that’s for me
In order to function optimally!

Giving and being there for others
Is a noble thing
But so is taking care of my sanity!

Lida Berghuis
December 4th, 2014

Not today!

I care about the news of the world
But not today!
I pay attention to my to do list
But not today!
I have my daily routine
But not today!

Sometimes I need a day
Like today
When I can leave my cares behind
Think of other things
Or nothing at all!

My duties and responsibilities will be there
Tomorrow and every other day

So, today I choose to forget them
Set them aside
Take a break from them
Banish them from my mind!

Because without days like today
I will bend and sometimes break!
We all have different limits of endurance
The load you can easily carry can break my back
I now know that I can’t and should not compete
With those who can carry heavier loads
Or have unrealistic expectations of my own

I hope I’ve learned how to take care of myself
I hope I’ve figured out what rejuvenates me

And so today…
I write myself into my peaceful place
The place of serenity and calm
The place of tenderness and love
The home of joy and peace of mind!

Lida Berghuis
May 11th, 2013