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Friendships can be so complicated

Actually human relationships are complicated

Why I wonder to myself

Why is that?


Sometimes our ego gets in the way

Sometimes we misunderstand

Sometimes our feelings get hurt

Sometimes we expect too much 

Sometimes when one person has a challenge in life

We take it as them being distant

Sometimes you need to give and not worry too much

About getting back

Sometimes you have to trust that the friendship is still alive

Even though the signs may not point to that

Sometimes we need to just reach out

Our friendship needs to be watered like a plant

But the work of friendship is worth it in the end

Because friendship is the best gift one can give

And get back


Nov. 19th, 2018

Kindred spirits

Kindred spirits
Those who understand you
Respect you
Love you
And support you

Feeling understood
Makes all the difference in the world
Someone says I see you
I hear you

The desire to be seen and heard
Is common to all of us
I think that’s what it means to be loved

That’s why a good friend is a good listener
That’s why a good friend does not judge
That’s why a good friend accepts you the way you are

I see you
I hear you
I respect you
These are the things that mean I love you
April 17th, 2017

A window to my past

A window has been opened to my past,
But don’t many things in life happen unexpectedly?

I’m now in touch with friends from high-school
Some still in Iran
Others living all over the world

We are all 35 years older now
But we share a special bond
Because of the year we spent together
In grade nine

Students from across Iran
Gathered in the Dabirestane Daneshgah
In the city of poetry and love, Shiraz

They’re now once again scattered across Iran
And across the world
In Australia, Canada and Denmark…

Messages are sent back and forth
Pictures and poetry is shared
Friendships forged years ago
Are still alive and well!

But there is one thing that casts a shadow over this joy
And that’s the lack of freedom of Afif,
One of our dear friends….
Nevertheless this sadness is mixed with thankfulness
Because at least we have contact with him

The love and friendship I feel from everyone warms my heart
The love we all have for dear Afif is evident and clear
This connection after so many years… is unreal!


I look out the window
I feel so alone
Alone in my home
Alone in my community
Alone in bearing the burden
Of my pain and sorrow

I don’t have enough energy
To reach out
I long for contact and company
And for loving arms to hold me
And tell me things will be fine


Worse than pain and sorrow
Is the feeling of being alone
Because no matter what troubles you face
Everything is more bearable
When you have a friend
A true friend you can call on
A true friend who won’t judge

And the difference between sanity
And the feeling that your are about to lose it
Can be as simple as
The kind words of a friend
Their radiant smile
Their listening ear
Their time

The difference between
Helplessness and the willingness
To hang in there and try
Is the heartwarming thought
That there are those
You can call on
In moments of crisis
And that they will take the time
To let you unburden your soul
They will provide the balm
That will help you carry on

The Ultimate Friend is always there
But you also need the caress
The soothing words
The listening ear of a friend
One with whom you can be real
And share your intimate thoughts

If you are lucky to have such a friend
You notice that everything hurts less!

Lida Berghuis
March 11th, 2011