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Another mystery


I travel to meet people who are living a different life from mine

I enter their lives for a short time and having exchanged thoughts, ideas and feelings, I depart

Sometimes it will be years before I see the same people again

Sometimes I’ll never see them at all

It’s a short intense relationship
A connection of the hearts

And the fact that I won’t be with these friends for a while, seems not to matter
I don’t know why!

July 14, 2017


You need to extend a hand
Before someone takes your hand
There is risk involved
Courage is required
But almost always
If the intention is right
People are waiting for an extended hand
The barriers are mostly in our own minds
We create them and give them shape
Our insecurities get in the way
Most often, kindness begets kindness
A smile is returned with a smile
And beautiful connections are made
Because someone took the first step
And reached out

July 22nd 2016

Reflections on friendship

Sometimes I wonder how I’m friends with people
Who have such different lives from me
Where is the commonality?

Then I realize that underneath all the veneer
The different social roles that we have
The conditions we live in and
The experiences we’ve had
We all long for connection
Connection with someone who
Does not judge and understands
Someone you can talk to about anything
Someone with whom you can cry and laugh

And this connection is a soul connection
It’s based on something deep inside
It’s as if you are on the same wavelength
And if the other person is old or young
Wealthy or not, shares your religion or not
It matters not

In choosing my friends what I look for
Is kindness, compassion and an encouraging nature
Someone I can talk to about things that matter to both of us

We don’t have to agree on everything
We just need to respect one another’s point of view

So, my friend can be black or white or brown
Live in a different country than I
Their life experience can be totally different from mine
But when we look into each other’s eyes
There is understanding and love

We all want to be seen and heard
That’s the gift our friend gives us and
That’s what we give back in return

Friendship is about give and take
But one that leaves you happy,
Or inspired

March 7th, 2016

takes the cake

When things you thought would never come to pass, do!
When people you thought you would never hear from again
Reappear in your life
When friendships that started years ago can continue to grow
When I have a connection to my homeland I never thought I would

It becomes clear to me again that life
Is full of surprises, difficult and joyous
That things can change in an instant
For better or worse
That one never knows what lies ahead
That technology is bringing the world together
In amazing ways

So thrilled to be in touch with my classmates
So proud to know what they have achieved
So happy that we can still be silly and laugh
So wonderful that we don’t take ourselves too seriously

Life is full of unexpected turns
And this connection certainly takes the cake!

Lida Berghuis
November 4th, 2015


Connecting to others is what life’s about
Without meaningful connections life becomes meaningless
Connection is based on vulnerability
Letting our guard down
Appearing less than perfect
Admitting to not knowing
To uncertainty
To confusion
Asking for help when we fall down
Sharing the good and the hard times

If we let in someone into our life
And confide in them
They will confide in us
But someone has to have the courage
To be the first one

We have all known adversity
But we will only share that with
People we feel close to
Those who won’t judge us
Those who have time for us
Those who are willing to hang around
In tough times

These kinds of connection
Only come about if we are open
About our ups and downs
And are willing to take off the mask
Of feeling fine all the time

August 24th, 2015

The encounter

I saw him once
Or did I?
He seemed very real at the time
More than real
He was splendidly alive!

He came to me
We started to talk
The connection was immediate
Between us

It doesn’t take long
To connect with someone’s heart

We dined together
He saw my paintings
He said the hyacinths I drew
Were wonderfully fragrant
I gave the painting to him…

He gave me his poems
I translated them
They stayed in storage
For a long time

And flood waters
May have destroyed them

Was he real?
Was it a dream?
Did we even ever meet?

We did!
He has my painting
I have his poetry
Some of which
I committed to heart

That short encounter
Will stay with me
I don’t know where he is…
But does it matter, really?

Lida Berghuis
August 9th, 2015


Travelling and learning
Getting to know new people
My favorite thing

Seeing new places is also good
But I’m a tourist of people

Different personalities fascinate me
I learn from talking and listening
The physical place is not as important
It’s the people that count for me

Connection matters to me
Friendship is important to me
It’s the trip of the soul that counts
The body just comes along

The physical landscape is interesting too
But if I go somewhere and don’t get to
Know a new soul
I may have as well stayed home!