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A new beginning



A new notebook 

As I embark on a new adventure 

A new beginning 

A new phase in my life


Venturing south

Seeking the sun

Looking for community 

Looking for camaraderie


As my children begin to fly away

It’s time for me to look around

Assess things

And start new ventures as well


There is sadness in loss

But joy in new possibilities 


It’s time to give in a different way

To be of service in a different way


I see the open road in front of me

And I’m ready to embark on this journey


October 2nd, 2018



I raised my kids not thinking

About the day they would leave home

Sure, there were times when I looked forward

To having more time for myself

But now I realize what a void they will leave in my heart

When they leave

Having been a stay at home mom

And then working part-time

I have been lucky to have been with my children

A lot of the time

When they leave

I have to fill that empty space with 

Other people and other activities

There is still a few months left 

Before any of them leave

But I’m trying to prepare myself 

Although I don’t think that I’ll ever be ready

But we raise our kids so that

One day they can leave and be

Productive members of the community

It’s sad to see them leave

And yet I have to think of the opportunities it brings


September 20th, 2018

Blanket please!

Natalie walks up from her room in the basement
Carrying her soft green blanket
She loves blankets whether it’s summer, fall or winter
They are her companion when she watches TV
They offer her a warm and soft place to be enveloped in

Another one of her blankets is already on the couch
When I point that out
She says she’d like now

Natalie’s love-affair with blankets goes way back
And anytime I see a soft blanket in a store
I wonderful if I should get it and bring it back

It reminds me of the large fluffy dog she asked for
When she was a child
One she kept in her bed for a long time
Now, Cashew has replaced that dog
She gives the best cuddles and she’s even warm

Natasha used to walk with big blankets around the house
No sweaters or robe de chambers for her
Blankets are much better for staying warm she thought
No matter how impractical

Nick is the only one who doesn’t carry blankets around
And no lounging in pyjamas for him either
He showers and gets dressed first thing in the morning
He seems to like that routine

Children are all wonderful and unique
And that goes for their use of blankets , as you can see

September 12th, 2016


Sometimes Nicholas rests/falls asleep
On the comfortable leather couch in the living room
Just before he’s supposed to go to bed
He looks so comfy cozy

I remind him it’s time to go upstairs
‘But it’s so nice here’ he says
With his eyes closed and mumbling his words

Ten minutes later I call him again
Reluctantly, he gets up half heartedly and walks upstairs

Then instead of going to brush his teeth
He heads to our bedroom
And falls face first, in the middle of the bed
He says our bed is the most comfortable bed
I think the fact that he can postpone brushing his teeth helps

“Just a little longer” he says
When I ask him to get up
And I feel so bad because he looks so relaxed

Eventually he gets up
There is only so long one can postpone going to bed
But I know I’ll miss this routine
When he won’t do it any longer

Reminds me of the time he was little
And would ask me each night
What to dream about
May 11th, 2016

What I tell my kids

Did you have fun?
We sometimes ask our kids when they come home
The subtle message being life is supposed to be fun

I’m not trying to be a downer
And say life is always hard
But I feel our children should know
That life is often hard

We don’t learn much when everything goes our way
Not that there is anything wrong with that
But life is so much more than idyllic days when all goes well
And in all the hardship and heartache there are lessons to be learned

So, I tell my kids
Life is full of ups and downs
And they should not be surprised when
Difficulties come along
I tell them that they can learn from challenges and grow
Life is fun, but in reality, it’s often hard!
April 8th, 2016


A mother’s work is not glamorous
No need to dress up for work
No chit chat at the water cooler
No breakfast meetings or lunches out

A mother’s work is repetitive
What was washed before needs to be washed again
The same advice needs to be repeated
The same routine, each day

One never really gets a promotion
Even though the challenges always change
One is not materially compensated
Even though one works day after day

Sick days don’t exist
Holidays are more busy sometimes
The same errands and
The same activities day in day out
Can test one’s patience after a while

The work of the mother as educator
Is invaluable of course
Nurturing, loving, encouraging, consoling and more
But often that’s taken for granted
That’s after all what mothers should do

The creativity that goes into problem solving
On this job, is overlooked
Mothers are doing what mothers must do

A mother’s contribution to society
Is often not appreciated
Especially if she doesn’t work outside the home

But let’s consider what the world would be like
If mothers did not do what mothers do…
March 10th, 2016

Going digital

I’ve shared with you my trials with my phone book
Now, to that is added the problem of the
Digital phonebook
All the numbers are not in one place
I have to check two places just to be sure

The calendar is a similar beast
Paper, digital, which one should I enlist?
I solve the problem by using both
Which creates problems of its own
Sometimes I forget to put an event in one
Sometimes I forget to put an event in both

Every day I check my paper calendar
But I forget to check the digital one
And if my event wasn’t transferred from the digital to paper…
You see the problem, I’m sure

Albert says to get rid of the paper version for good
Go digital and leave the paper behind
And since my paper calendar just finished for this year
I’ve decided not to get a new one
So I’m forced to use my digital one

The only thing left to do after that
Is transferring all the phone numbers
From my phone book to my phone!

For those of us who grew up with paper
Switching to digital takes much effort

Our children however don’t have this issue
They’ve seen the digital version only
Phone books don’t mean anything to them
A paper calendar is an old thing…

But for those of us who are middle aged
It’s all about making a graceful transition
To digital from paper…

August 1st, 2015