Note to self!

Cautiously optimistic
Sunny with a chance of showers
Is the weather forecast
Enjoy the sun
But bring an umbrella along

Run but pace yourself
Rest is also needed
Or your will be overwhelmed

Smile but don’t be over confident
You never know
What’s around the bend

Set goals, but know your limits
If pushed too hard
You are setting yourself
For a fall

The middle path is the best
And most important
Plan ahead

Watch out for the pothole
You drove over last time
Reflect before you decide
The stakes are high

Your friends will stand by you
In times of need
Nurture your friendships
They are life savers indeed!

Sunny with a chance of showers,
Fog, or hailstorms
Such is life
The forecast can change at any time

Lida Berghuis
November 29th, 2010

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