It can wait!

I don’t care what’s on my to-do list
The phone calls can wait
The errands and the chores
The decisions that need to be made
The bills that need to be paid
The laundry that needs to be done
Can wait
It has to wait
If I want to keep my sanity
It has to wait
Because I need a break
It has to wait
Because I’m not a machine
It has to wait
Or I will break!

Today I give myself permission
To do the things I love!
Today I allow myself
To be a child at heart!

Is my day of rest
I take responsibility for my health
I’ll put the lessons I’ve learned into use
And I won’t wait till it’s too late
I choose to play
So tomorrow I can get back to work again!

Lida Berghuis
October 18th, 2011

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