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Why talk about it?

Why talk about it?
Because it needs to be talked about!
Why talk about it?
Because I feel I can!
Why talk about it?
Because many don’t, or can’t

Why talk about it?
To break the code of silence
That keeps us quiet
And keeps us in the dark!

Why talk about it?
Because it’s time
I feel ready now!

Why talk about it?
Because there are too many
Misconceptions out there

Why talk about it?
To give a voice to people
Who suffer needlessly

Why talk about it?
Because it needs to be done!

Why talk about it?
To give hope!

Why talk about it?
To celebrate victory!

Why talk about it?
Because it needs to be done!

Lida Berghuis
September 20th, 2014

The little voice I don’t listen to…

I may have figured out my limits somewhat…
But sometimes I don’t read the signals my body and mind
Send me, correctly

The ‘I’m tired’ signal is ignored
The ‘I’m frustrated’ signal is dismissed
The ‘I’ve taken on too much’ signal is pushed away!

At these times
I forget that I’m not super-human
I forget that I can say No!
I forget that I can drop projects temporarily
I forget that I can ask for help
I forget that my energy rises and falls
And sometimes I can do more, and sometimes
I need to do less!

I get caught up in the ‘rat race’ of service
I think more is better
That I will manage somehow
That next week, I will be less tired
That soon, I will catch up on my sleep!
That if I keep smiling, I won’t cry!

I forget to advocate for myself
I forget I don’t have to please everyone
I forget it’s my responsibility to know my limits
And say ‘no’ when it has been reached!

I forget that I need a lot of down-time
Time to write
Time to reflect
Time to meditate
Time to relax!

I keep going despite fatigue
Despite the fact that I get a feeling that
I have taken on too much again!

I don’t listen to the voice that tells me
It’s too much…
You’re not getting enough rest!
You need to ask for help!
You need to communicate better!

… Until it’s too late!

Lida Berghuis
August 31st, 2014

Using my outside voice

Girls and women have been told to use
Their inside voices for a long time
Men may scream and shout
And their roars of laughter
is somehow not met by surprise…
Girls on the other hand
Have to be demure
Soft spoken
And even suppress loud laughter
How dare they be loud?

Men can gesture and speak
At the top of their lungs
No one will tell them
They are out of bound
Girls however will be criticized
Or thought of as not refined

Of course, all of this is not surprising
Considering that not too long ago
Women could not leave the house alone
They needed protection
Or were they being controlled?

Not too long ago
Women could not vote
Or be elected to office
No wonder they were expected
To speak softly
Seen but not heard
If at all possible…

Women have made amazing strides
Since then
They now lead, set policy
Demonstrate for their rights
Then why are we frowned on
When we speak or laugh out loud?

I’ve decide I’m not going to wait
For permission from society
To use my outside voice
Some people may feel offended
I may get some strange looks
But that’s OK
Times have changed
And I have changed too!

Lida Berghuis
July 15th, 2013