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Let us breathe


What we want is an ordinary life

We don’t ask for much

Just allow us to wear what we want

What’s the harm in that?

Just allow us to speak freely

What are you afraid of?

Just allow us these normal things

Safety in the streets

Practicing our religion

Equality regardless of ethnicity

Just treat women like you treat men

This is the 21st century

The old ways of looking at the world do not work

Old rules and laws do not suit our society 

What we ask for are simple things 

Just let us breathe!

February 25th, 2023

What a waste of talent

What a waste of time

What a waste of talent

To confine a person with so many gifts 

And why?

Because he cares about the education of the next generation

Because he  cares about good morals and serving one’s community

Because he wants to spread joy and love

And for these reasons he must be confined 

What an utter waste of talent and time 

February 10th, 2023

For Afif Naimi who was sentenced to seven years in prison in Iran for being a Baha’i 1DB80D46-52F8-44EE-A16D-0B2BDE282F5B

Your prize


The suspense is over

You got the prize

It’s seven years

Seven years of sacrifice

And as they hand you the trophy

You smile and give thanks

That you have won yet again

This is the second time

Some will say 

This is not a prize

How can it be?

They can’t see the medal 

The standing ovation

Or the podium you stand on

But in your heart you know

This is better than any recognition you could have got

Your face is serene

Your heart is full of love

You gladly accept this honor

And what is to come

February 8th, 2023

Dear Afif Naimi, a former member of the leadership of the Baha’i community in Iran, has been sentenced to seven years in prison after having already spent ten years there in the past.

I can’t imagine


I can’t imagine how it feels

When your destiny is in the hands of those 

Who don’t have your best interest at heart

Those with ulterior motives 

With no concern for justice 

I can’t imagine how it feels

To wait three more days to have their verdict

Freedom or jail 

And how long?

It’s like deja vu

After all, this happened years ago as well

And the result was ten years of imprisonment

I can’t imagine the strength it takes

To deal with this uncertainly  

And accept what comes with acquiescence 

Acquiescence resulting from faith and certitude that all will be well 

Having tasted the feeling of freedom 

After five months of imprisonment 

I can’t imagine how one prepares oneself for any eventuality 

Knowing that one could be in confinement

Far from friends and family again

I can’t imagine 

January 22nd 2023

For my dear friend, Afif Naimi 

who was imprisoned for ten years because he is a Baha’i

and is awaiting a court date again



Young lives snuffed out too early
Sacrificed to maintain the status quo
Yet possible
Justice turned rogue
Humanity forgotten
No, pommeled, crushed and destroyed!

January 7h, 2023

for the youth unjustly executed in Iran 

They persist


I look and listen from a distance

And see a nation in turmoil and pain

People asking for justice and equality

Asking for a normal and acceptable quality of life

But change does not come easily

There is always resistance and pushback

Nevertheless the clock cannot be turned back

People are no longer content with the status quo

They continue to speak up 

Despite the crackdowns

Despite the threats

Despite the imprisonments

And despite the executions

I admire the strength and courage 

Of my countrymen and women

I worry for their safety and security

And I look forward to the day 

When their sacrifices will have paid off

And peace and security and equality prevails

January 6th, 2023

For the courageous people of Iran



It’s a marathon

Sometimes a bloody one unfortunately

Sacrifices are being made with lives lost or imprisonment

But the energy of the youth propelling this movement is endless

Their idealism and hope for change fuels their cause

They want better lives

They are done with the status quo

They plan and organize 

They march and they chant

And they cannot be beaten into submission

These youth have attracted the attention of the world

People in Germany, UK, Sweden and South America

Have heard their anthem of freedom

Artists are singing their song

The world is watching

Persians overseas and others are walking with the people of Iran

This is a just cause

The demands are simple: woman, life, freedom!

November 6th, 2022

Fists raised up


The fervour of these youth

The anger of these youth

Their fists raised in the air

Their hearts full of hope

These youth are speaking up for freedom

They are tired of being told lies

They want a different future

And they are sacrificing their lives

The passion of these youth

Throwing away their scarves

Showing what was hidden

For years now

These youth are being arrested

They are dying

Because they want a different life

Because they are no longer afraid to speak up

I’m proud of these youth

I honor their cause

I stand with them

Until there is freedom

I’m not paying a price with my life

Or with my imprisonment

I can only speak up with my pen

With my fists in the air

I’m awe-struck by the bravery of these youth

Climbing walls without headscarves

October 19th, 2022

Anthem of unity


The hallmark of this movement is unity

Unity between the university students and their professors

Unity between the Turk and Lor and Bakhtyari

Unity between the less fortunate and the affluent

Unity between workers and society

Unity among the students in high schools

Unity among the people marching in the streets

Unity among young and old

Unity among all strata of society

This is unprecedented in Iran

This revolution has a beating heart

That of valiant women and girl children 

This revolution has strategy

Creative ways in expressing their demands

This revolution has momentum

It’s a movement that cannot be stopped

The dam has broken and it can’t be shut

I salut the women and girls of Iran

I salut the university students and professors

I salut the workers who are on strike

I salut the business people who close their shops

I salut their cries for equality

I salut their courage which is awe-inspiring

I salut their perseverance and steadfastness

I salut the audacity of those who walk around without their head scarves

This road may be long

Many lives are being sacrificed

Many are spending their time in captivity

But there is no turning back

The world is watching in admiration

And I pray and hope that the dawn is nigh 

October 18th, 2022