Strong women

Strong women know to dream
Know what they want
They know what they are good at
And what they’’re not

They are compassionate and caring
But know how to set limits
They won’’t say yes to everything
They know when to say no
And when to say maybe!
They are wise and tactful
They are loving and sincere!

Strong women hang out with
Others who are strong
They feed off their energy
They learn, they try
Try new things
Are open to new ideas
They are adventurous
Out of the box!

Strong women are joyful and free
They are passionate
That’s easy to see!
Strong women like to forge new paths
Tradition is respected
But so are new ways

Strong women
Attract strong men
Together they are the
Wings of a bird
As they fly
They get stronger
They travel the world
Move in unison

Strong women keep on learning
And doing things
They never arrive
They keep going

I’m lucky to have
Many women friends like this
They inspire me
Their warmth surrounds me

From them I learn how to be myself
How to be true to who I am and take care of myself
From them I learn what passion is
What confidence and assertiveness is

Strong women
Help each other along
The success and happiness of one
Is that of them all
It’s a sisterhood
It’s a bond
That won’t be broken
During trials!

Lida Berghuis
May 22nd, 2010

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