So tell me dear, do you cook?
Can you make fesenjoon*, or tah cheen*?
Can you make curry or a quiche?

Only when I choose to
Only when I wish…
When friends are over
And bring some cheer
That’s when I cook!

When Venus is in Saturn
And Jupiter dances with Pluto!
When the stars are just so
And the moon just so
When I’m happy and inspired
When I’m rested and not tired
That’s when I cook!

When the mood is right and
Friends come to play
When I think of the smile
I’ll see on their faces!
That’s when I cook!

Cooking is an art
So I hear
And relaxing too
I find that weird!
When I want to make others happy
That’s when I cook!

Lida Berghuis
December 9th 2002

* These are Persian dishes.

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