Dinner woes!

What should we have for dinner?
I don’t know!
I actually don’t feel hungry
How about you?

The pizza I made yesterday
Is all but gone
What do you think about
A stir-fry?

Sounds good
But we have to prepare so much
All those veggies
Need to be cut

How about a curry
That sounds fine
But you like it hot
And the children, mild

Chicken nuggets
Is their favorite
But I know
You don’t like them

How about fesengoon?
That sounds great
But I feel so tired
It’s so late

We’ll pick up something
At the grocery store
Pre-fab food
Today, we need you!

It’s not healthy,
But I don’t care
Tomorrow is
Another day!

I’ll be good and
Cook some food
That tastes like what
My mother cooked!

Home-cooked meals
Prepared with care
The smell used to
Perfume the air!

Those good old days
Are all but gone
Today we sometimes eat
Out of a box!

Lida Berghuis
October 5th, 2003

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