What I needed!

It’s like a re-birth!
What was lost
Is back again
The person I was longing for
The energy that eluded me
The smile that would be sincere
The laughter that would pierce the silence
Is back again!

After four months of darkness
I see the light
After four months of hopelessness
I have hope again
After four months of sorrow
I feel joy again

The confidence that had left
Is back
The reason to be alive
Joyful moments
Have returned
I don’t have to ask
When at last

What have I learned?
To have faith!
Who should I turn to?
My friends!
I needed to have implicit trust
In someone
I needed to share my sorrows
And to cry

To rid myself of this
Image of perfection
To be vulnerable
From time to time
To not be ashamed of
My weaknesses
To love who I am
All the time

My strengths
My weaknesses
My stumbles and falls
My struggles
My inadequacy
My foibles and all

It is so hard to find
Those we trust
It is so hard to share
When we’re down
It is so hard to hang on
When all hope is gone
It is so hard to believe
When darkness abounds

What will I say
To my friends?
How will they react?
Will they still love me?
Will they understand?

Shoulders to lean on
Friends to hold my hands
Those who won’t judge me
Those who understand
That’s what I needed
That’s what I got
That’s why am thankful
That’s why I smile!

Lida Berghuis
August 8th, 2008

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