I tell the computer
He says

Long pause…
Longer pause…
Server unable to connect!”

Server, please!
What is this?
I cannot connect
I’m sorry dear

To send this e-mail!
Well, dear
you’ve got to wait

But dear server
It’s hard to wait
Yes, I know
It’s hard to wait

Dear server
Try harder
Dear Lida
Wait longer

Wait, wait, wait
I wait, I wait
Wait, wait, wait
How long should I wait?

That’s the mystery
The mystery of patience
Patience in this age of
Instant access


I try again
“Server …
Unable to connect”

is this how you serve?
I’m sorry darling
You’ve got to wait

But my e-mail
How can I send it?
You just must wait
That’s all there is to it!

But that’s so hard
How can I wait?
Go write a poem
That might help!

Lida Berghuis
September 2002

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