A mother’s work is not glamorous
No need to dress up for work
No chit chat at the water cooler
No breakfast meetings or lunches out

A mother’s work is repetitive
What was washed before needs to be washed again
The same advice needs to be repeated
The same routine, each day

One never really gets a promotion
Even though the challenges always change
One is not materially compensated
Even though one works day after day

Sick days don’t exist
Holidays are more busy sometimes
The same errands and
The same activities day in day out
Can test one’s patience after a while

The work of the mother as educator
Is invaluable of course
Nurturing, loving, encouraging, consoling and more
But often that’s taken for granted
That’s after all what mothers should do

The creativity that goes into problem solving
On this job, is overlooked
Mothers are doing what mothers must do

A mother’s contribution to society
Is often not appreciated
Especially if she doesn’t work outside the home

But let’s consider what the world would be like
If mothers did not do what mothers do…
March 10th, 2016

Over fifty

Being over fifty can be so cool
First of all, you’ve passed forty and
The world did not fall apart

Then, your children are older
And you have more time

You don’t have the anxiety of trying to figure out your life
You have accumulated some wisdom

Now that I’m over fifty I know
It’s OK to laugh out loud in a crowd
I know what I like and what I don’t like

I don’t worry as much about what other people think
I feel free to write my heart out

I’ve lived, fallen, got up and smiled
I have things to write about

I’ve discovered my passion and finally know
What I want to be when I grow up

I’ve made it through the sleepless nights
When my children were young
Now, I can go to bed before they do
And that’s alright

A wrinkle here, a wrinkle there
But who cares
Why should we be afraid of wrinkles and age spots
I think we should wear them like badges of honor and
Be proud of them like battle scars

So, all is well, all is right
I’m over fifty and even now
The world has not fallen apart
If anything I know better who I am
And what my strengths are
January 31st, 2016

Modern times

In some places men can marry four wives
And keep a few more, on the side
I was thinking to myself
Why not give women the same right?

After all, times have really changed
Women are educated and breadwinners
One wife and four husbands can be as viable economically
As one husband and four wives

Why this change you may ask?
I say, why not?
What’s the difference between us
What makes one condition possible
And the other not?
We are living in modern times!

Now, to tell you the truth
I’m just making a point
I think one husband is more than enough
Find a good one and you’re set for life


I also think that men should now cover their hair
Now-a-days men’s hair can be so stylish
With new fashionable cuts, colour and highlights
I think it’s time for men to cover their hair
To keep women’s eyes off of them

And what’s all these tight pants and shirts men wear
Where is the modesty, I dare say
Flowing clothes are much better
Otherwise a coat they should wear

Now, all of this is only in good fun
But really what makes men different from us
Why the double standard and different rules
I don’t get it, l’m confused

Modern times need modern rules
We need to ask men to cover their hair
Or let women uncover them!

January 29th, 2016

No need for school

Dear sister, you can not go to school!
Knowledge is of no use to you!

After all you’ll have such a limited life
You’ll be married off young to someone you didn’t choose
And your life will consist of bearing children
And preparing food

You won’t have a public life in any case
You can talk to men who are relatives, not the rest

You see, you have no reason to read and write
We’ll take care of everything in the best way

Also, since the world is such a dangerous place
You can’t appear in public while showing your face
Your eyes you can leave uncovered since you need to see
But for the rest, please cover up properly!

If you get hot
Think of it as a free spa
If you feel restricted…
Well, you’re used to that by now

We honor you and value you
But for certain things
You need not worry about complicated things
Leave those to us and the other men
We’ve figured out a great system!

And if you feel all these things are
Unbalanced and unjust
It’s probably because you went to school, and thus
You see that we’re doing you a favour by destroying schools
Education will only make you distraught

And if you wonder how we came up
With this way of doing things
Which has your best interest at heart
Well, that’s another thing you need not think about

Trust us and do as we say and all will be well
If anyone tells you anything different, don’t believe them
They are surely just looking out for themselves
We are the ones looking out for you, dear sister

December 22nd, 2015
Inspired by Malala’s story