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Hear me roar


I am woman, hear me roar
Hear me cry out with the pent of anger of years
Hear me shout the anthem of freedom
Hear me voice my grievances
It’s been long enough
And I’m tired of being told who I should be

I am woman, hear me roar
With the courage of a lioness
Prepared to fight for her home
Prepared to protect her kin
With fervour and ferocity

I am woman, hear me roar
Don’t expect me to be quiet any longer
Don’t try to control me because it does not work
A sense of justice has been awakened with in me
Which can set fire to injustice and brutality

I am woman, hear me roar
I am stronger than you think
When I want to defend my rights
I am an opponent you should fear

I am a woman hear me roar:
Woman, life, liberty!

October 15th, 2022



Woman, life, freedom

Zan, zendegi, azadi

The cry of not only women

But also men who support them

Because lifting up women

Will lift up society, which includes men

Women are centre stage

Women lead

And when women lead

Things are bound to change

Their passion, their conviction

The wrongs they have suffered

Have fanned the flames 

Flames that are spreading like wild fire

And burning the structures that have 

Tried to keep them in their place

October 1st, 2022