I see you victorious



We hear your voices now


You who have been mistreated


We stand behind you

Because your cause is our cause and

Your freedom, our freedom


Wronged for so many years




The world sees you in the streets

The world sees you burning your scarves 

The world sees men also fighting for your rights

At issue

A dress code that has been imposed on you

A dress code that you have fought till now

A dress code that has nothing to do with modesty

A dress code for which you have been arrested and harmed

At issue

Equality in all areas

At issue

Your dignity being respected 

At issue

Your right to freedom

Courageous women 

I see your hair flowing in the wind

I see your clothes being your choice

I see your future as bright 

I see you triumphant and your cause victorious

September 22, 2022

For the women of Iran

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