Using my outside voice

Girls and women have been told to use
Their inside voices for a long time
Men may scream and shout
And their roars of laughter
is somehow not met by surprise…
Girls on the other hand
Have to be demure
Soft spoken
And even suppress loud laughter
How dare they be loud?

Men can gesture and speak
At the top of their lungs
No one will tell them
They are out of bound
Girls however will be criticized
Or thought of as not refined

Of course, all of this is not surprising
Considering that not too long ago
Women could not leave the house alone
They needed protection
Or were they being controlled?

Not too long ago
Women could not vote
Or be elected to office
No wonder they were expected
To speak softly
Seen but not heard
If at all possible…

Women have made amazing strides
Since then
They now lead, set policy
Demonstrate for their rights
Then why are we frowned on
When we speak or laugh out loud?

I’ve decide I’m not going to wait
For permission from society
To use my outside voice
Some people may feel offended
I may get some strange looks
But that’s OK
Times have changed
And I have changed too!

Lida Berghuis
July 15th, 2013

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