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Smoke billows


Smoke billows

Smoke billows from the prison on the hill
A thick grey column has risen to the sky
It marks the place of atrocities and injustices

Rounds of shots can be heard
Who is being killed and why?
Haven’t they suffered enough?

Explosions can be seen
Tear gas is being fired on those who have no where to hide
The injured are being taken away
But why have they been injured in the first place?

These are dark days
And dark acts of hatred are being committed
These days are being marked with people chanting
With cars honking
With head scarves burning
With placards and signs
With grievances being written on walls

These days are dark
But they will not last
People have passed through the valley of fear
They cannot be stopped
And they will continue to ask for their rights
And one bright morning, the sun of justice will shine

October 16th, 2022



Dangerous times

Critical times 

Yet snow lays so peacefully 

On the tree branches and the hills here


Fire burning in other lands

People fleeing from danger

Yet the trees stand so majestically 

In the landscape in front of me


Dishonesty and greed abound

Yet darkness starts to recede here

And daylight is on its way



Yet interdependence 

Our world is a global village now

Each part hurting affects the others

Have we learned this lesson yet?


January 3rd, 2020


img_5386When you stop people from talking

When you close the schools down

When people can’t go to work

And the nation comes to a stop

There is something that’s not right

Something that can’t be explained away

In this age of communication 

There is something wrong if you don’t let 

people communicate

The seeming peace is a mirage

The embers are burning under the logs

Fire can still erupt from those embers

If the conditions are right 

It’s not silence when you cover someone’s mouth

It’s not freedom if you don’t let people talk


November 17th, 2019

Thinking of the people of Iran

You and I



I’m a roaring waterfall
You are a serene lake
I’m fire and fury
You are cool stream flowing
I talk before I think
You think so long, before you talk
That I become impatient
I am the talkative one
You are the best listener
I’m spontaneous
You like routine

You’re a night owl
And I’m an early bird
You’re super organized
I try my best
You make me laugh
I love laughter
You’re the reason I came out
Of my shell
You are tactful
I speak my mind
You are diplomatic
I am not!
You are the rock
And I lay against you
You are sunshine
And I bathe in you

January 31st, 2018

Joy and sorrow!

Is this a world of joy or a world of sorrow?
Sorrows for sure!
Because our human condition necessitates it
Without the fire of trials we can’t be purified!

Joy also!
Because too much sorrow would drown us
In its continuous downpour

Joy is a necessity
A respite
A healing balm
An oasis in the desert of life

Sorrows have their purpose though
They will be the bringers of joy
In time, sorrow begets joy, eternal joy!

Lida Berghuis
August 23rd, 2014

Fire of trials…

Can’t feel pain unless we step into the fire
Can’t burn the impurities off our soul
Can’t experience pain just looking at fire
Can’t understand pain intellectually, no!

Once heat has seared our skin
Once our soul has felt the heat of trials
We are transported somewhere else
A place that is hard to describe

But those who have been there can tell you
It is worth the pain, abundant the rewards

Lida Berghuis
October 25th, 2013