Smoke billows


Smoke billows

Smoke billows from the prison on the hill
A thick grey column has risen to the sky
It marks the place of atrocities and injustices

Rounds of shots can be heard
Who is being killed and why?
Haven’t they suffered enough?

Explosions can be seen
Tear gas is being fired on those who have no where to hide
The injured are being taken away
But why have they been injured in the first place?

These are dark days
And dark acts of hatred are being committed
These days are being marked with people chanting
With cars honking
With head scarves burning
With placards and signs
With grievances being written on walls

These days are dark
But they will not last
People have passed through the valley of fear
They cannot be stopped
And they will continue to ask for their rights
And one bright morning, the sun of justice will shine

October 16th, 2022

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