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Good side effects


Chemo medications have side effects

So, they give you pre-medications which also has side effects

You tolerate the side effects of the pre-meds

So that you don’t have to deal with those of the actual meds

Nausea is one of the main problems of chemo

So they give you drugs to counteract that

Of course, we are grateful 

But what to do with the side effects of the nausea meds?

It’s a tangled web

But one that is necessary

The best way we can remove the cancer cells from our bodies

The same medications that kill the cancer cells

Kill our hair follicles as well

But luckily, this hair loss is temporary

And the hope is that the cancer cells never come back

Our nails can get darkened due to chemo too

But there is always nail polish

Our eyebrows will get thinner

But there is eyebrow pencil to help us out

I should not forget to mention the good side effects of chemo

For weeks I haven’t needed to shave or wash my hair

February 18th, 2023

My finger nails



Different kinds of chemo have different side effects

There could be a funny taste in your mouth

Food may not seem as flavour full as before

Nausea is a common one

And hair loss as well as fatigue

There is a strange side effect that involves the finger nails

They start getting darker at the cuticle end

And that dark patch expands gradually

First it happened to my thumb nails

And then the other finger nails

The toe nails too

My oncologist said I could paint my nails

But I’ve decided it doesn’t bother me so much

No one stares at may nails anyway

And this will be over in a few months


January 17th, 2023