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Why fear?


No wonder people are hesitant to even use the word cancer

It used to be a terrible disease

Often detected too late 

Resulting in death often

We knew so little

Treatments were new and being developed

But things have changed

Early detection makes all the difference

Treatments are better and more effective

Years of trials and research has paid off

Cancer is no longer a death sentence

But being vigilant is important

Screening is important

A healthy life style is important

Prevention is the best treatment 

We need not be afraid of cancer

But we do have to be proactive 

April 13th, 2023

We hide so much

We can hide so much
Who we are
How we feel
What we think
We can hide so much

Why do we do that?
Why aren’t we more transparent?

Different reasons
Others’ judgement
Inability to express ourselves
Staying on the surface
Comparing ourselves with others
Judging ourselves
Fear of criticism
Fear of being different

We can hide so much
And every layer we peel off
We’re one step closer to freedom
Freedom to be who we truly are

We hide so much
And that can hurt us
We use veils for self preservation
But they stop us from feeling authentic
We hide so much
And it’s not necessary

December 20th, 2017




“Freedom is not being afraid of anything that’s to come”*
And where does this freedom come from?
Perhaps it comes from battles lost and won
From knowing that any trial can be overcome
That what needs to change is us
Not the situation confronting us!

Each situation has something to teach
Each trial comes with some gifts
Darkness will lead to light
There are lessons in each fall!

Lida Berghuis
October 12th, 2014

*Herbie Hancock