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At the ball


Clad in their golden-orange gowns
They are at a most beautiful ball
Music playing
A gentle breeze moving their
Shimmering attire
And creating rustling sounds

They know the ball will end soon
And they will have to wait another year
Before they call return to this festivity
So they savour these last moments of bliss
As they sway to the mesmerising music

Nov. 4th, 2017

The ocean of life…

I see the ocean of life
Sometimes calm
Sometimes tumultuous
Sometimes wild

But life goes on
Despite the ups and downs
Despite the storms that come
Despite the times that we think we will not survive

We are resilient
We will survive!
The ocean will return to calm
And we’ll be so glad we persevered
Didn’t give up

The ocean of life
Deceivingly serene at times!
Unnervingly turbulent at times!

But life goes on
Despite the changes and chances
Despite the sorrows and challenges
Despite the periods of grief that seem to not want to end

Hope and faith
Friendship and love
These are the things that help us navigate the ocean of life

Lida Berghuis
September 11th, 2014
Inspired by a composition by Leon Alatif

Tapestry of friendship

Weaving bonds of friendship
Working on a beautiful tapestry
The tapestry that costs nothing to make
But is more valuable than many other things

It’s a life-long project
Sometimes I spend more time on it
It cheers my heart and uplifts my soul
I so love my tapestry
Different patterns for different periods of my life
Some of the colors are so rich
Occasionally I use threads of gold and silver
You can imagine how beautiful that can be

When I travel to the unseen world
It’s one of the few things I will take with me!

Lida berghuis
August 14th
Yokeh’s garden