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Not too late

It’s never too late…

It’s never too late
To live the life we want to

When we’re young, we make decisions because
we feel we’re expected to do certain things
We don’t do other things because it goes against
the conventions of our time

When the tree is young
It can sway in the wind of do’s and don’t
As it becomes stronger
It can stand firm and tall

In mid-life, with the experience of youth
We know better who we are
What we want
What we need
What we can’t live without

This is the time to live the life we are meant to live
Do what brings us joy
Live authentically

It’s never too late…
No, the time’s just right!

Lida Berghuis
October 30th, 2015


Don’t need fancy words to communicate
engaging thoughts and ideas
Don’t need rhyming to call it poetry

Poetry has been released from the cage of tradition
And is flying in the atmosphere of freedom

On the wings of imagery and metaphor
Through words that are understood by all
Poetry is leaving the land of the elite
And entering the world of ‘every man’

Lida Berghuis
July 25th 2015
Anniversary of passing
of Ahmad Shamloo

Tea time!

What is it about drinking tea that is so soothing?
Especially when drunk in the company of a friend?
Is it the aroma of a lovely tea chosen with care?
Is it the warmth of tea felt all inside as one drinks it?
Is it the conversation that one can’t rush?
All of the above perhaps and much more!

Tea brings people together in a beautiful way
It’s a binding agent!
It communicates love!
It says I have time to make you some tea and
Sit and drink it with you as we chat!
It means I’m giving you attention
I’m happy to serve you

For all these things, offering someone tea
Is one of the loveliest things one can do!

Also, this tradition runs in my veins as a Persian girl
Offering tea, one of the first things one does when friends come over
It’s a warm welcome, a warm hug in liquid form!

Lida Berghuis
July 4th, 2014
Tea room in Hudson!

Courageous women

IMG_3633 (1)

Courageous women
Breaking the mold
Taking the path less trodden
Going somewhere unknown

Courageous women
Breaking with tradition
When tradition did not answer
The questions posed by their hearts

Courageous women
Leaping out of the shadow of men
And Lighting the world
With brilliant light

Courageous women
Who didn’t believe in can’’t
Were not deterred by obstacles
Who dared to dream
Who dared to try

Courageous women
Spiritual giants
Powerful yet calm
Determined yet gentle
Persuasive yet mild

Courage can be quiet
Courage can be calm
Courage does not need to
Shout out

Courage needs no audience
Or praise or approval
Does not search for glory
Or fame or hurrah

Courageous women in the past
Courageous women of our time
Your audacity, our light, our guide!

Lida Berghuis
February 10th, 2012

Creativity and Freedom!


“There’s a connection between creativity and freedom!”*
That makes sense!

To be creative
One must feel free from that which already exists

To be creative
One must create that which does not exist

Freedom from tradition!
Freedom from convention!
Freedom from the status quo!

Freedom from shoulds
Freedom from don’’ts
Freedom from must be sos

To be creative
One needs to be a rebel of sorts
Otherwise one will follow in the footsteps of others
And not create something new

Creativity and freedom
Such beautiful words
Such powerful words
Such harmonious words

Freedom to dream
Freedom to be
Freedom to open the doors

Lida Berghuis
December 3rd, 2011

*Walter Isaacson

The veil of oppression!

I wonder how men would feel
If they were told to veil themselves
So that they don’t entice women!

Are men unable to restrain themselves
When they see beauty in women?

Does modesty mean not showing hair
Hands, legs and or the face?

Or were women asked to veil themselves
So they could be not seen and heard?

The veil
A symbol of oppression
The black tent that hides the body
The hair and the spirit of women

The veil
Prescribed by tradition
Not religion

The veil
And morbid

Beauty is to be celebrated
If you ask me!
Yes, modesty
I agree
But being enclosed
In a black tent
Is not the epitome of modesty

At a time when the East was
Steeped in tradition
Tahirih threw away the veil
Her spirit
Strong and free
Fought against dogma
And tyranny

And because of souls like her
Women will be freed
Their spirits will be freed
Their limbs will be freed
They will be heard
And they will be seen!

Lida Berghuis
April 25th, 2004