My sanity!

One hour a day, I treat myself
I treat myself to a cup of coffee
In a sunny coffee shop (when the sun it out)
I treat myself to
Reading what I want
Writing what I want
Contemplating life…

I treat myself because
The rest of day
I think of my family and their needs
I think of my students and their needs
I take care of my responsibilities and my to-do list

And because I treat myself one hour a day
I’m a happier person the rest of the day!

Being selfless is good I’m sure
And I am selfless some of the day
But I need my hour that’s for me
In order to function optimally!

Giving and being there for others
Is a noble thing
But so is taking care of my sanity!

Lida Berghuis
December 4th, 2014

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