I try to be authentic 

Show my real self

Not a version I’ve created to please others

I try to be honest about my strengths and weaknesses

Not hide what may seem unpleasant 

We are all human

We all have faults

We go through tough times

All of us

So showing my authentic self

Will only reassure others that 

What they experience is not unique to them

It’s OK to not feel good

It’s OK to ask for help

That’s how we draw closer to our friends

We all age

Our hair goes gray

We develop wrinkles

We gain weight

That’s normal

If you look at the 60 year old who looks thirsty

Something is wrong

They are running from the process of aging

And they may make others feel less than

A few wrinkles

Our love handles

Will not make us less attractive 

Beauty comes from inside

From who we are and what we do

And how we treat others

I’ll admit one thing though

I’m not ready to stop colouring my hair

April 25th, 2023

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