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What a waste of talent

What a waste of time

What a waste of talent

To confine a person with so many gifts 

And why?

Because he cares about the education of the next generation

Because he  cares about good morals and serving one’s community

Because he wants to spread joy and love

And for these reasons he must be confined 

What an utter waste of talent and time 

February 10th, 2023

For Afif Naimi who was sentenced to seven years in prison in Iran for being a Baha’i 1DB80D46-52F8-44EE-A16D-0B2BDE282F5B

Your prize


The suspense is over

You got the prize

It’s seven years

Seven years of sacrifice

And as they hand you the trophy

You smile and give thanks

That you have won yet again

This is the second time

Some will say 

This is not a prize

How can it be?

They can’t see the medal 

The standing ovation

Or the podium you stand on

But in your heart you know

This is better than any recognition you could have got

Your face is serene

Your heart is full of love

You gladly accept this honor

And what is to come

February 8th, 2023

Dear Afif Naimi, a former member of the leadership of the Baha’i community in Iran, has been sentenced to seven years in prison after having already spent ten years there in the past.

21 days


His last time on WhatsApp was

2022-07-30, 4:15 pm Montreal time

21 days have gone by and his fate is not clear yet

His family knows little of what’s going on 

His friends worry for him daily

How will the authorities collect

Evidence of espionage when there is none?

Another arrest!

Was ten years in prison not enough?

And for crimes he did not commit?

For loving humanity?

For serving his community?

I talked to him the day before he was arrested

He was well

He was thankful

He was jovial as usual

We pray for him 

For fortitude and strength

Qualities he has in abundance already

I know he welcomes this sacrifice 

As he did the previous ones

I know he is grateful to stand up 

For what he believes in

I know he is victorious 

Whether in captivity or freedom

August 20th, 2022

For my dear friend, Afif Naimi