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What a waste of talent

What a waste of time

What a waste of talent

To confine a person with so many gifts 

And why?

Because he cares about the education of the next generation

Because he  cares about good morals and serving one’s community

Because he wants to spread joy and love

And for these reasons he must be confined 

What an utter waste of talent and time 

February 10th, 2023

For Afif Naimi who was sentenced to seven years in prison in Iran for being a Baha’i 1DB80D46-52F8-44EE-A16D-0B2BDE282F5B

I can’t imagine


I can’t imagine how it feels

When your destiny is in the hands of those 

Who don’t have your best interest at heart

Those with ulterior motives 

With no concern for justice 

I can’t imagine how it feels

To wait three more days to have their verdict

Freedom or jail 

And how long?

It’s like deja vu

After all, this happened years ago as well

And the result was ten years of imprisonment

I can’t imagine the strength it takes

To deal with this uncertainly  

And accept what comes with acquiescence 

Acquiescence resulting from faith and certitude that all will be well 

Having tasted the feeling of freedom 

After five months of imprisonment 

I can’t imagine how one prepares oneself for any eventuality 

Knowing that one could be in confinement

Far from friends and family again

I can’t imagine 

January 22nd 2023

For my dear friend, Afif Naimi 

who was imprisoned for ten years because he is a Baha’i

and is awaiting a court date again

21 days


His last time on WhatsApp was

2022-07-30, 4:15 pm Montreal time

21 days have gone by and his fate is not clear yet

His family knows little of what’s going on 

His friends worry for him daily

How will the authorities collect

Evidence of espionage when there is none?

Another arrest!

Was ten years in prison not enough?

And for crimes he did not commit?

For loving humanity?

For serving his community?

I talked to him the day before he was arrested

He was well

He was thankful

He was jovial as usual

We pray for him 

For fortitude and strength

Qualities he has in abundance already

I know he welcomes this sacrifice 

As he did the previous ones

I know he is grateful to stand up 

For what he believes in

I know he is victorious 

Whether in captivity or freedom

August 20th, 2022

For my dear friend, Afif Naimi

What keeps you going?

9E0B931C-6141-49EE-9408-29B540072B31What keeps you going in the face of injustice?

My spirituality he said

I believe in karma

That we reap what we sow

That there will be justice in the end

What keeps you going, he asked

Hope that the future will be brighter 

That what we do to better the world matters

What keeps you going, he asked

Love for my fellow man

Belief in goodness and truthfulness 

That living a virtuous life is important 

No matter what life throws at you 

What keeps you going, he asked

Faith in a higher power, he said 

August 4th 2022


Dedicated to my dear friend Afif Naimi who was recently arrested in Iran because he is a Baha’i