The secret of the song, Baraye (For…)


What is the secret of this song?

Why did it touch so many hearts?

Why did it become the anthem for a movement?

Why was it worthy of winning a prize?

The song was a cry for freedom

Freedom from nonsensical restrictions

Freedom to express oneself

Freedom from oppressive rules

The words of this song expressed the desires of a people

A people who have suffered for so long

People who are beaten for how they dress

People who are jailed for what they say

The lyrics of this song expressed what was needed

To show the world what was happening in Iran

The days of carrying out injustices without others knowing is over

What is happening is laid bare for all to see

The words that bubbled up from the soul of a young man

Have reached the world

The song has been sung everywhere

The truth is there to be heard

This is the secret of this song 

Feb 6th 2023

For Shervin and his song of freedom which won a Grammy

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