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Words soaring

The scene is beautifully painted with words

Words, subtle

Words, descriptive

Words, powerful

Words, booming

Words, colorful

Words, soaring 


And this tapestry composed of words

With threads of gold, silver and silk

Is a feast for the eyes

Puts a smile on my face


The craftsmanship is second to none 

Created with love

Telling a story 


Words, magnetic

Words, magical

Words, intricate 

Conveying the complexity of the mind of the artist


Words are the emanation of the soul

Creating the most exquisite tapestry


February 26th,  2029

Tapestry of friendship

Weaving bonds of friendship
Working on a beautiful tapestry
The tapestry that costs nothing to make
But is more valuable than many other things

It’s a life-long project
Sometimes I spend more time on it
It cheers my heart and uplifts my soul
I so love my tapestry
Different patterns for different periods of my life
Some of the colors are so rich
Occasionally I use threads of gold and silver
You can imagine how beautiful that can be

When I travel to the unseen world
It’s one of the few things I will take with me!

Lida berghuis
August 14th
Yokeh’s garden