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The many colours of courage!

Courage comes in so many shapes and forms
For some, it’s in chasing a storm
For some, it’s in fighting a worthy fight
For some, it’s in singing their song

Courage comes in many colours too
Black for daring
Brown for persevering
And gold for feeling worthy!

Be fearless I was told!
And yet I thought
I had some courage before
But as we grow
Our courage also needs to grow

Courage to be who we are meant to be
Courage to share our gifts
Courage to remove the mask of pretense
Courage to remove the veil of fear

Courage to see the signs
Courage to listen to our guides

Courage to live our dreams
Courage is what I need!

Lida Berghuis
April 26th, 2010

My part!


I used to pray and hope for
A letter from God!
With clear instructions
In legible handwriting please!

I used to pray and
And wait for a miracle
Ones that would erase
My problems with ease!

What I failed to realize
Was that prayer was a means
Of empowering me to
Find ways to grow and change
Find new ways of doing things

I assumed that change would happen
On its own
By the grace of God
My role was somehow left out!

I had to learn that
Problem solving starts with me
Examining the way I thought
Acted and lived

I had to learn
That self knowledge
Would lead to understanding
Understanding to doing things differently
And that would lead to healing

Why I left out this crucial part
I don’’t know
Perhaps because it required effort
Perhaps because I didn’’t realize
That in my own hands lay my destiny

I had to learn that
Inner change happens slowly
There are no quick fixes
Nor short cuts
But slowly and over time
The process gathers momentum
And there is no stopping it

I had to learn that
Once I took the first hard step
And saw some success
Taking the second step
Would be easier
And soon I’’d be walking
With much less effort
On the path that leads to
Understanding and healing

I had to learn I couldn’’t
Do all this on my own
That I needed guides
I needed friends
I needed those who would
Support me on the way
To a new understanding

Now I still pray
But I know I also have my role to play

Lida Berghuis
April 14th, 2012