Life sucks… but in a good way…

“Life sucks!
What can you do?
Accept it and get on with it…”

This is not a pessimistic attitude
Or a defeatist one!
Our lives are not meant to be picture perfect
Everything they way it should be
Or the way we want it to be!

Our lives are a series of challenges
That when faced with grace
Can help us grow and be stronger
And better people

Life is not a smooth road
It’s a bumpy one
Some places are not paved at all
There are obstacles to manoeuvre around
Detours that pop up!
And sometimes we may reach the edge
Of a cliff and need to back up!

The easy road offers no benefits
Except for seeming ease and comfort
It’s the road full of pit falls and road blocks
That puts us to test and helps us develop new skills

So, yes, life sucks
But not in a bad way
It sucks
So we can learn, change, and grow

Lida Berghuis
January 15th, 2015

*something someone at the hairdressers said once

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