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Guests from Shiraz
Guests from other cities in Iran
Guests from other cities of the world
Friends of friends

What I remember of my childhood home
The well used large dining table
The big back yard
With the weeping willows
Where I roamed and daydreamed
Dancing with the willow trees

Guests for dinner
Guests who stayed
Bringing pieces of the world with them
Entertaining guests
Is what defined our home

January 10th, 2018

Support group for women who don’t love to cook


First, we acknowledge that cooking is an art
An art that brings joy to the hearts

Second, we believe that not all women love to cook
That would be, after all, absurd
Not all women love to sew or knit
So why should we all love to cook

Third, we encourage men to cook
At least some of the time

Fourth, please understand us and support us
We don’t mean to be unkind

Fifth, dinner will be made in under an hour
More time in the kitchen is harmful to us

Sixth, The occasional preprepared meal is allowed
Pizza, hamburger, pierogi and so on

Seventh, we hope you really appreciate it when we cook
It takes a lot of effort for us

Eighth, It’s not easy to cook day after day
If you don’t believe us give it a try


Sept. 11th, 2016

How much, and of what?

How much sugar?
How much fat?
and what kind of fat
Should I eat?
All fats are not created the same
The good ones we must have
The bad ones will kill us slowly

Detoxifying is the rage
Watermelon fast
Juice fast and the rest

Must eat whole-grain wheat
And brown rice
Quinoa is even better
Protein is a must!
But not the fatty protein of red meat
Or chicken or veal
Must go for nuts, eggs, legumes, or tuna
In each meal

Must drink lots of water
Even when we don’t feel like it
Hydration is essential
It helps us think more clearly!

And juice is a no-no
All that sugar is bad
It’s empty calories
And too many calories are bad

We now have the cure-all of the day
It’s quinoa one day
Flax seed the other day
Vitamin D, the third

Too much fat on the belly
Not good for your heart
Exercise a necessity
If optimum health you want

Now don’t get me wrong
I like all that advice
Who doesn’t wan to look good
And live healthy and long?
But with all this attention
We give our bodies
I just hope we won’t forget
The rest of us

Our mind, our heart, and our soul
Need attention too
A soul-diet high on generosity and justice
A heart-diet with lots of love and kindness
And a mind-diet of focusing only on the good and positive
That would also help us feel good and feel fit!

Lida Berghuis

November 29th, 2013