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A new dawn


For a future that is bright

For a time when the sun shines equally on everyone

For freedom of speech

When one can speak about what’s in one’s heart

For a time when a dual life ends

When one can behave the same way inside and outside one’s house

For the dawn of the equality of women and men

For the fruition of a cause long fought for

For the feeling of the wind in one’s hair

For biking and swimming in freedom

For a time when ethnicity matters not

For a time when freedom of religion exists

For a time when people stop leaving their homeland

Because they cannot see their future in Iran

For a time when love and harmony reigns

When hatred is gone

For the time of coming together of a nation

To demand their freedom of thought

For unity

For solidarity

For compassion for one’s fellow man

For decency 


And leaders one can count on

For Mahsa

For Nika

And so many more who sacrificed their lives

For the dawn of a new day in Iran

October 7th, 2022



Days go by

And others join the cry of freedom

Even high school students are tired

Of being dictated to

They have arisen to demand their rights

The song of ‘baraye’ is being song everywhere

It has become an anthem of unity

For dancing in the street

For basic human rights

Because of being tired of covering their hair

For man, country, rebuilding

For woman, life and liberty

Because the status quo won’t do

Because of justice, long overdue

Because minorities have rights too

Because they’re tired of disunity 

Because of the power of this song

Because of the strength of unity

The dawn is near and they know it

And the sun will shine eventually

October 4th, 2022

Bird song

It is still dark outside

But the robins are chirping 

And telling us about the imminent arrival of the dawn

Why do birds sing in the dark?

What are they so enthusiastic about?

Do they know a new day is coming? 

Is that their message to us?

Our world is approaching another dawn

But it may not seem like that now

It’s cold and there is no evidence 

Of the garden that is blooming

But if we listen we can hear the sparrows singing 

And the blackbirds assuring us of the coming of the dawn

April 1st, 2022

Dark clouds


The cold and damp winds of fall are blowing

I feel the cold in my bones

The dark clouds are shedding tears of sorrow

The exuberance of summer is gone

The world seems unfair sometimes

Goodness is not returned with good

Enmity seems to have the upper hand

As a pandemic ravages the world

I still believe in goodness

I think the good will be victorious

Sometimes it doesn’t look like that

But there is more to our lives than what we see

Goodness resides in the heart

It will be with us forever

Goodness perfumes the world

And cheers other people’s hearts

Injustice is like a cold dark night

But this dark night will eventually give way to dawn

Injustice can’t take goodness away

Injustice is due to the absence of love

November 23rd, 2020

Dedicated to the Baha’is of Iran

Bird song



I open the window one early morning

The silence of the home is broken by bird song

It’s a symphony

It feels urgent

This beautiful orchestra 

The birds give the news of the break of dawn

They remind me of the beauty of the creation of God

Nature has a way of waking up one’s soul

Nature, calming and inspiring at once


June 28th, 2020

A new low…

When truth does not matter anymore
And people say whatever they want
When you need to fact-check someone’s assertions
Because we can’t trust them

When dishonesty is rewarded by material gains
When we can’t count on anyone’s words
And they keep denying what can’t be denied

Our society has reached a new low

When we expect politicians to lie
At least sometimes
When accusations fly back and forth
With no way to prove who’s telling the truth

When women are objectified
And those remarks are asked to be excused
As locker-room talk
What kind of example are we setting for the young?

When civility is lost
And words are spoken that make one cringe
When insults take the place of discussion and talk
We know we have reached a new low

Don’t get me wrong
I think there is hope
But, boy does the night seem dark
Before the appearance of the dawn


October 11th, 2016