A new dawn


For a future that is bright

For a time when the sun shines equally on everyone

For freedom of speech

When one can speak about what’s in one’s heart

For a time when a dual life ends

When one can behave the same way inside and outside one’s house

For the dawn of the equality of women and men

For the fruition of a cause long fought for

For the feeling of the wind in one’s hair

For biking and swimming in freedom

For a time when ethnicity matters not

For a time when freedom of religion exists

For a time when people stop leaving their homeland

Because they cannot see their future in Iran

For a time when love and harmony reigns

When hatred is gone

For the time of coming together of a nation

To demand their freedom of thought

For unity

For solidarity

For compassion for one’s fellow man

For decency 


And leaders one can count on

For Mahsa

For Nika

And so many more who sacrificed their lives

For the dawn of a new day in Iran

October 7th, 2022

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