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Bird song

It is still dark outside

But the robins are chirping 

And telling us about the imminent arrival of the dawn

Why do birds sing in the dark?

What are they so enthusiastic about?

Do they know a new day is coming? 

Is that their message to us?

Our world is approaching another dawn

But it may not seem like that now

It’s cold and there is no evidence 

Of the garden that is blooming

But if we listen we can hear the sparrows singing 

And the blackbirds assuring us of the coming of the dawn

April 1st, 2022

Winter arrives


Whether we complain or not

The snow will return each year

If we complain

We just create bad vibes and unhappiness 

One has to learn to live with the cold and snow of winter


We all go through it together

Experiencing the challenges

And everyday that passes 

We are one day closer to spring


I may change my mind in February 

But for now I’ll remain optimistic


November 11th, 2019



One storm is over

Another one is on the horizon

It’s not clear how bad this storm will be

Early indications say 

That it won’t be severe

But forecasting these things is not easy

And if it wasn’t this storm

There would be another one 

Life is like this

So, we need to build our homes well

So they can protect us

Faith, good friends, patience and perseverance 

Optimism and hopefulness 

Are good building material


October 9th, 2019

Just Ask!

Sometimes we are our own greatest
Obstacles to success
They say Ask
And you shall be given
But we don’’t ask!

We think we know the answer will be no
We think it hasn’’t been done before
We think we should wait till things come to us
We don’’t realize that ask we must!

Asking can do no harm
If the answer is no
Let’s hear it from the horse’’s mouth

Asking shows interest
Asking changes the dynamics
Shows self confidence

Sometimes I’’ve asked
Due to naivete
Sometimes I’’ve asked
Because I felt compelled
And amazingly rarely
Was no the answer

So ask we should
Ask we must
Err on the side of the possible!
Take a chance on I can and I must!

Lida Berghuis
December 3rd, 2012