Note to self 4: live and let live



Expect different attitudes and ways of thought
Don’’t judge and you won’’t be judged

Action speaks louder than words
No need to preach, to each his own

We each have different philosophies in life
Let’’s acknowledge that and move on
No need to change others
Or agree with everyone

Old ghosts will show up sometimes
But fear not
You’re not the same this time
The new you can handle things better than before
Be ready and fear not!

It’’s your actions and attitude
That will change things
Your response needs to be modified
Old habits do die hard
But change we can
And change we must!

No need to worry about what others do
It’’s their lives, let it go!

Focus on the positive, laugh and smile
There’’s always something there
To cheer you up

Your armor of love and good will
Will protect you
See the good in everyone

Difficulties are not to be shunned
These things are part of life

Don’’t be surprised or perturbed by them
You are ready to face them

Live and let live, my thought today
Let go of hurt, grow and thrive…

Lida Berghuis
January 9th, 2011

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