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Slowing down

Moments of contemplation
So rare in our lives
We run run run
Do, do, do
Try to keep up with
Who knows who or what!

Daydreaming becomes a thing of the past
Concentration and productivity is where it’s at!

But what is the purpose?
What drives us so?
What are we trying to achieve
With our lives?

Even when we meditate
We are not supposed to contemplate
Never understood that
Or the concept of the empty box
That place that most often men go to
So I hear, when they want to get away from it all

It’s good to sometimes just stare out the window
Take in what’s going on
Instead of staring at our phones
Which we even do when we have to stand in line

Serenity has left our lives
It seems to be mostly do or die!

And that’s why I write
To get lost in my thoughts
To take a break from the rat race
And to nourish my soul with moments of stillness
And solitude!

Lida Berghuis
October 2nd, 2013


Like the serene surface of a lake at Dawn

Where words come from

Where I seek refuge each time

Where movement originates

Where excitement comes to rest

Where great ideas emerge

In my busy days
I seek the stillness of solitude

Daily life with all its demands and
Needs come to a stop

I go deep within myself
I connect to what’s out there.

Stillness feeds the soul
Stillness attracts thoughts
Stillness is essential

Lida Berghuis
January 20th, 2011