Code of silence

Why this code of silence?
What do we fear?

Why such stigma?
Where do we go from here?

Why does a word like depression
Scare us so?

Why do we feel ashamed
Powerless or both?

Why do we feel as if
It’s all our fault?

Why so many misconceptions
Enough is enough!

Depression has a cause
Like other diseases do

It also can be treated
If attended to

It’s not this strange, enigmatic affair
One is not doomed to years of despair

It can be debilitating no doubt
The danger comes from doing nothing at all

The first step is to break the code of silence
To change our understanding of what we call mental illness

Perhaps we need some new terminology
Something less outdated and scary

We need to talk
We need to understand

Knowledge is power
Let’s stop burying our heads in the sand!

Lida Berghuis
January 22nd, 2012

One thought on “Code of silence

  1. Hello,

    “The cliff accepts the wave
    It does not fight the wave,
    But it does not crumble…”

    I read some of your recent posts and I enjoyed the simplicity and beauty of your poems. Thank you for creating such beauty.
    And I invite you to visit my blog and to comment on my poems. I am in need of comments!
    I wait for you. Here is the address:



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