Children of half-light


Children of half-light
We sometimes know what’’s
Wrong and right
But when it comes to action
We falter and fall

We know kindness and honesty
Is where it’’s at
But sometimes we let in
Anger and lie despite that

We know we’’re all one
Black, brown and white
But we seem to forget that
At the crucial time

We know man and woman
Are equal in the sight of God
But we don’’t know how that
Translates into every day life

We know tact and wisdom
Are what we need
But where do we find
These commodities?

We know the value of friendship
And comradery
But don’’t take the time
To cultivate it

We know wealth and power
Are illusions
But that Mercedes looks
So good, nevertheless!

We know what we have
We can’’t take with us
But we accumulate
This earthly dust

We know salvation
Lies in virtues and love
But acquiring them
Can be a steep climb

Children of half-light
We struggle and learn
There is no fast way
To gain wisdom they say

Patience and compassion
For ourselves
Will ease our pain
And show us the way

Lida Berghuis
September 11th, 2011

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