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Melded in the fire of trials!

It’s as if a piece of our soul
Gets melded to each other
When we go through the fire of trials

My colleague and I experienced
A few weeks from hell
When we started teaching in a new location
In a new program
With little guidance
And lots to learn

It was sink or swim
And to say the water was rough
Is an understatement

The sheer strength of our will
And our support for each other
The reason we kept going
The reason we got to the other side

For four months we dealt with all manner
Of unexpected things
Ups and downs
Detours and stops

And this experience created a bond
A strong bond
A bond that puts a smile on our faces
When we see each other now

We confide in each other
We worry for the other
We cheer each other
And all this because we went through
The fire of trials!

Lida Berghuis
September 7th, 2014


Love’s confusing joy*

Confusing, because
It is unexpected
Often times unreasonable
And impractical

Joyous, because
It makes you smile
It cheers your heart
It gives meaning to life

Confusing, because
It often does not make sense
It’s complicated
It involves trials

Joyous, because
It brightens your day
Makes you feel wanted
Gives you wings to fly

Confusing joy
Is what love brings
And what welcome confusion
It is!

Lida Berghuis
July 8th, 2013

*quote from Rumi

Not logical at all!

Love is not logical
Love is not practical
Love is not easy
Love is not convenient at all!

It arrives when it wants
It remains despite our protests
And doubts!

And it will be clear
Without a shadow of a doubt
That something extraordinary
Has happened
It can’t be ignored
Or put off!

Love is a journey
Not a destination to be reached!
The journey fraught with challenges
And road blocks
With joy and exaltation
With tears and laughter
With confusion and doubt!

But the one who stays on the road
Is not scared off
Does not give up
Reaps the rewards

And what are the rewards of love?
Joy and wonder!
Growth and the flowering of the soul!
A new lease on life!
And seeing the world
Through the rose coloured glasses of love!

Like the sun
Love is blinding
And it can burn!

Like the sun
Love gives warmth
And life!

Like the sun
Love is essential
Has always been!

Love is not logical
It’s not practical
It arrives without notice
And refuses to leave!

Lida Berghuis
February 14th, 2013

"There is so much abundance wherever we are!"*

I feel in life
I’ve been often led
Sometimes even pulled and drawn
Against my will!

What I said never to
Has come to be
What I thought would break me
Has built me up

Somehow I thought I knew best
Somehow I thought I should decide
The unexpected arrived
And inconvenienced me
I complained
I did not know why!

Why were my plans
Turned upside down?
When I expected to go left
Why did I end up going right?

My unhappiness came from the fact
That I did not consider
That I didn’t have the answers all
That I was in fact wrong at times!

Maybe I didn’t have the humility
To accept a different path
A better path
In the long run!

Maybe I looked at the short term challenges
And did not look far enough
Maybe I did not realize that experiencing
Discomfort was part of growing up!

Lida Berghuis
February 21st, 2013

*Mark Nepo