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One storm is over

Another one is on the horizon

It’s not clear how bad this storm will be

Early indications say 

That it won’t be severe

But forecasting these things is not easy

And if it wasn’t this storm

There would be another one 

Life is like this

So, we need to build our homes well

So they can protect us

Faith, good friends, patience and perseverance 

Optimism and hopefulness 

Are good building material


October 9th, 2019



There are times in our lives
That the intensity of our emotions
Overwhelms us
We feel deeply
We yearn passionately
We hurt intensely
We miss others badly

These powerful emotions
Sometimes bring us to our knees
We want to get out of the whirlwind
But we can’t
We feel the same feeling over and over
And it hurts

And at the same time
These are times that we feel most alive

The waves created by our emotions
Keep crashing against the cliff of our spirit
But in the end
Our spirit makes it through
It survives another storm
And arrives at a place of calm

March 23rd, 2018

No matter the circumstance!

What makes us rich is our relationships…
A house, a car, a piece of jewelry
Can all be gone in an instant
But friendship remains no matter
The circumstance

A job can be lost
A career can take a down turn
But a friend will stay
No matter what

Storms come and go
And so will the crises of life
And what is the thing that gets us through
No matter the circumstance?

Not the material possessions we have
Our fancy job or
Our fancy house
It’s our friends
Who will give us
The gift of friendship and support
The gift of love and kindness
And a reason to hold on
Till the storm is gone!

Lida Berghuis
June 30th, 2013

*Inspired by a poem of Maya Angelou