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Our insecurities

It seems that we all have insecurities
We think others can do things better than us
If we only knew what went on in other people’s minds…
They surely have some of the same thoughts

Most people put on a happy, confident front
They want to be accepted and loved
But most people doubt themselves

I think the best we can do is
Give something our all
If it’s accepted, great
If not, at least we have tried
April 3rd, 2016

Just Ask!

Sometimes we are our own greatest
Obstacles to success
They say Ask
And you shall be given
But we don’’t ask!

We think we know the answer will be no
We think it hasn’’t been done before
We think we should wait till things come to us
We don’’t realize that ask we must!

Asking can do no harm
If the answer is no
Let’s hear it from the horse’’s mouth

Asking shows interest
Asking changes the dynamics
Shows self confidence

Sometimes I’’ve asked
Due to naivete
Sometimes I’’ve asked
Because I felt compelled
And amazingly rarely
Was no the answer

So ask we should
Ask we must
Err on the side of the possible!
Take a chance on I can and I must!

Lida Berghuis
December 3rd, 2012