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Trouble maker!

I thought I was done with breaking the rules
Questioning the norms
Walking down the unbeaten path

I thought those times were over
And I had settled down
Mellowed out

But my nature has not changed
I will never be one to conform!
I won’t be the one who draws within the lines
Follows instructions
Lives the ordinary life!

There are consequences to being different, of course
People will talk
Heads will turn
Whispers can be heard

One can’t stand out and not be noticed
One can’t be loud and not attract attention
One can’t be outside the box and in the box at once!

Here I go again
Marching to the beat of my own drum
Challenging traditional thought
Doing what has not been done!

And where would the fun be
In being ordinary
Doing what is expected
Filling the mould

Change comes from daring to be different
Trying something new
And it seems that’s the path I’ve chosen to live
With the consequences that follow!

Lida Berghuis
August 9th, 2014
Green Acre

Normal or real?


“Normal is someone we don’’t know well”
Goes the quote

We all have a public persona
And a private one
The public one gravitates to the norm
The private one is free and flawed
“Normal” is what we show on the outside
Flawed and real what we keep inside

Deep inside
We are all imperfect and insecure
We all have fears and anxiety
We all make mistakes
We all feel shame

Our public persona
Smiles and posts happy status updates
Our public persona
Smiles in all the pictures

Deep inside
We all have cried
Felt lost and hurt
Fallen flat on our faces
Lived where confusion reigns

Sometimes we live in a fantasy world
Where everything is supposed
To go well all the time
Where success comes easily
Where mistakes are frowned upon
Where heartache is to be avoided
Where pain is to be run from

But the real world
Is messy and seems unfair
In the real world
Darkness and light exist together
In the real world
Mistakes can lead to growth
In the real world
Normal is what we see
And reality resides within

Lida Berghuis
April 5th, 2012


What is normal?
I’’be come to the conclusion
That “normal” does not exist!
My normal is someone else’’s insanity
Your normal, perhaps not so normal to me!

It could be that normal has a range
A wide range
From shy and quiet,
Contemplative and severe
To joyful and bubbly,
A bit manic and ecstatic!

Who are we to say what’’s normal?

Does normal mean predictable,
One who follows rules?
Because artists do none of the above
And we would not want to have a society
Without artists, for sure

Does normal mean not in the fringes
Out of the box?
Off the chart?
Because life would be boring
If we were all in the box!

Does normal mean
Within the fdboundaries of reason
Dictated by culture and tradition?
Because nothing would change
If someone did not push
The boundaries at times

So, normal is relative
Based on our expectations
Our world view
Our culture

What is normal to me may
May be your definition of abnormality!

Lida Berghuis
March 16th, 2011