What is normal?
I’’be come to the conclusion
That “normal” does not exist!
My normal is someone else’’s insanity
Your normal, perhaps not so normal to me!

It could be that normal has a range
A wide range
From shy and quiet,
Contemplative and severe
To joyful and bubbly,
A bit manic and ecstatic!

Who are we to say what’’s normal?

Does normal mean predictable,
One who follows rules?
Because artists do none of the above
And we would not want to have a society
Without artists, for sure

Does normal mean not in the fringes
Out of the box?
Off the chart?
Because life would be boring
If we were all in the box!

Does normal mean
Within the fdboundaries of reason
Dictated by culture and tradition?
Because nothing would change
If someone did not push
The boundaries at times

So, normal is relative
Based on our expectations
Our world view
Our culture

What is normal to me may
May be your definition of abnormality!

Lida Berghuis
March 16th, 2011

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