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Light bulb moment

Life is harder when we focus on ourselves
Our challenges, our unexpected difficulties

I now have the challenge of teaching English
To adult students who speak almost NO English

At first, I was frustrated
A bit in disbelief that there are still people
With almost no knowledge of English

I thought I didn’t have the patience
To teach this group
And found the material I taught
Mundane and boring

Brother, sister, son, daughter
All new words for this group of eager students
It was something else trying to explain the verb ‘to need’
As in I need some milk

Then suddenly a light bulb turned on in my head
I started seeing things from my students’ point of view
They are at the beginning of an adventure
Learning a new language
And each day, they double and triple
What they used to know

They try hard
They help each other
And they come to class with smiles on their faces
And a sense of mission

Looking at it this way
What I did became more meaningful to me
Yes, we talk about very simple things:
I like ice cream, I don’t like hot dogs
But these are words that were not
In their vocabulary until now
They will be able to communicate
In a new language soon

Last time we met,
I taught them ‘have a good weekend’
And with that we said goodbye
Teachers keep learning too
No matter how many years they have taught

September 16th, 2016

The happiness police…

The happiness police…

Here in Quebec we have the language police
On the look out for too much English
French they feel needs to be protected
Or English will rule the day

In Iran there is the ‘guidance’ police
Guidance re modesty
Guidance re how much make up is allowed
Guidance re how much hair can be visible under your hijab

Is it me or are most of these rules for women?
Why should men get a free pass?

Someone said we need a ‘happiness’ police
Someone who’d stop you if you looked despondent and sad
Someone who’d give you a hug to make you smile
Someone who’d ask you how your day was going so far

Someone who’d carry your groceries for you
Someone who’d help you find the address you’re looking for
Someone just smile at you so you would smile too!

I think our communities would be happier and
Healthier if we had the happiness police in charge!

Enchanted language

white flower

Enchanted language
Words that heal
Words that awaken

A temple for the ear
A meditation hall
Staying alert to the promptings
Of the heart

To understand the inner life
To enhance spiritual life
To calm the nerves
And soothe the heart

Perfection not required
Words like water fall
Simplicity celebrated
Jargon left out

A solace in the
Times of need
In mourning
In recovering from trials

The essence of life
A wise friend, a guide

Lida Berghuisme
September 10th, 2011

*inspired by ‘The Poet’s Way’

Encoded within!

“The markings may be considered to communicate in the same way as a single eloquent gesture that it would take a thousand words to describe.

They pay homage to the universal urge of every people to set down in some concrete form the abstract thoughts of their minds.

For each of us the only certain territory of the sacred in our own hearts.”

Lorraine Prichard

Encoded within…

The secret language of the spirit
Engraved in our hearts
Where the sacred comes to repose
Where mysteries are exposed

Encoded within
This universal language of love
Of compassion
Of the need to be needed
And the need to love

The secret language of the spirit
Unknown and yet known to all
Communicated by an eloquent gesture
Heart to heart

The secret language of the spirit
Some express it in lines
Some in words
Some in music
Some in other arts
But it’s all the same language
The language of love!

April 27th, 2006
Inspired by Lorraine Prichard’s show: Encoded within!

Listen with your heart!

Listen with the ear of your heart*
It’s the heart that listens, after all

When I speak to people
Who speak another tongue
It’s my heart that listens
My ears tag along!

It’s the eyes that speak
The language of the body that
Tells the tale

Words are wonderful
But the story
Is much more complex

If we only concentrate
On the words
We get only
Part of the tale

It’s the smile that speaks
The laughter that exclaims
It’s the sadness in the eye
What is left unsaid!

Lida Berghuis
July 11th, 2004
* Saint Benedict