Encoded within!

“The markings may be considered to communicate in the same way as a single eloquent gesture that it would take a thousand words to describe.

They pay homage to the universal urge of every people to set down in some concrete form the abstract thoughts of their minds.

For each of us the only certain territory of the sacred in our own hearts.”

Lorraine Prichard

Encoded within…

The secret language of the spirit
Engraved in our hearts
Where the sacred comes to repose
Where mysteries are exposed

Encoded within
This universal language of love
Of compassion
Of the need to be needed
And the need to love

The secret language of the spirit
Unknown and yet known to all
Communicated by an eloquent gesture
Heart to heart

The secret language of the spirit
Some express it in lines
Some in words
Some in music
Some in other arts
But it’s all the same language
The language of love!

April 27th, 2006
Inspired by Lorraine Prichard’s show: Encoded within!

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